The Fourteenth Colony

The Fourteenth Colony

As stated here, AmPat’s goal is to unite like-minded Patriots who can share facts, avoid censorship, organize and counter far-left and far-right factions who threaten the Constitution and traditional American values, like Freedom, Justice, Opportunity and Equality for all. We are particularly concerned about how the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Social Media Sites’ (SMS) are increasingly distorting facts and censoring voices to push narratives that manipulate users.

To connect and counter this, we’ve created a site on Mastodon. Mastodon is a social media platform like Twitter, but it is hosted by users worldwide on a decentralized blockchain like cryptocurrency, meaning that it is not controlled by any single entity, and can’t be censored like Facebook or shut down by an entity so long as at least one server is running the open-source platform. This page is thus a refuge and hardpoint from Twitter and Facebook in digital Free America where Patriots can connect, communicate and share uncensored information more securely. It is a digital Forward Operating Base (FOB) in the Fourteenth Colony contingency plan.

Live Strong Fight Free.

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- Twitter: @Col_Andy_Tanner

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American Patriots for Freedom and Opportunity, Justice and the Constitution. Twitter: @Col_Andy_Tanner. Mastodon: